Networking For Non-Networkers

I feel I was born to network. I remember one summer I was all about collecting glass bottles. I’d take them to the convenience store, turn them back in, and buy candy with the money. (These were some of my best memories.) But I started to realize something . . .... read more

13 things to try when your in a Teaching Funk

Have you ever been in a teaching funk? Most teachers have, and it feels like I’m in one now! I love teaching God’s word and I am fortunate enough to be the primary teacher in our Jr. High ministry. Like most Pastors, I am critical of my own teaching; not because... read more

Helping Disconnected Students Connect

Whenever we talk about increasing ministry impact on students’ lives, too often we think about those students who are the mainstays, who are the most ingrained in our ministry’s programs and initiatives. It’s easy to see why we think this way. You see these students... read more


Hi my name is Justin Herman, I love my family and love Jesus.  When I can get a surf in I do, and I’m the Jr. High Pastor at Mariners Church in Irvine, California. I love all things Family Ministry, from parents to students to the leaders that make it all work. – there really is nothing else like it.  I believe the best of what God is going to do in his Global Church is ahead of us, so buckle up and get ready.