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I love dreaming about calendar seasons at my church.

Thinking about students and families and how we’re going to connect them, care for them, inform them and encourage them to become Disciples of Christ; reading His word and serving.    I love it.

When we plan the event calendar (each calendar covers 4 months) we always start with a basic outline and fill from there.

Below are the MUST INCLUDE pieces in our ministry that need to be on our calendar at least once every 4 months.

1. Parent Learning Lab- A time for parents to come together and learn about a topic that is relevant to them. Social Media, Teenage Brian, Sticky Faith, Sports and the Church, Sex and Dating.  We bring in outside experts and create an environment of learning, discussion and celebrating parents.
2.Worship gathering- A night of worship with our Jr High which also may include Jr High from our other campuses or our High School students. This is an evening of worship, bible teaching, pray and other creative worship ideas. This is not advertised as a “fun” event. This is a night to worship and hear God speak.
3. Evangelism opportunity- Every weekend we encourage students to bring a friend, some do, some don’t. expired domains . Each calendar there is a seasonal event that kids love to bring a friend to. Sugar fest, is our fall event. We promote it heavily on the weekends, send out flyers and have social media coverage. It is a large event that gives us a special time to love on kids and help them feel accepted in a safe environment. These events can be evening events or even overnighters. Kids love it and our ministry grows for the kingdom.

4.Baptisms- Every calendar we want to give students the chance to take a deeper step in their faith by being baptized.  We do baptisms after camps, and also have scheduled weekends at the church for baptism. We want families to be informed about the opportunity so they can pray about it with their students and help them make this important decision. This is one of the high lights in Jr High creating opportunity to partner with our families and make a difference in our student’s lives.

5.Rock the Patios- Every calendar we choose a weekend and use the patio to create an over the top theme. We decorate and create extra fun experiences for the students to enjoy for the morning. It has become a huge draw for kids to bring a friend. We use this weekend to focus on friends and the guest they bring.

6.Serve (outreach) experience- This is an exciting part of our calendar where we encourage kids and families to serve.  We create a serve opportunity at least once a month so we can grow and stretch our students. We have a relationship with a group that we serve with each month serving chili to the homeless. We also suggest and create opportunity for families to serve through our outreach department. Serving is an important part of our ministry.
7.Calendar ending wrap up party- Every calendar we end with a BIG wrap up celebration for families and students.  We share a meal, and share stories of that last 4 months. We encourage each other, and allow parents to connect. Our purpose is to  create an atmosphere for families to have fun together.  The students get to see and hear their families affirm what God is doing in their lives. This event keeps our momentum going into the next calendar. We take full advantage of the evening by handing out the New Calendar to promote and answer any questions.

SO, what are your MUST INCLUDES in your calendar…

Leave it in the comments, would love to hear it.

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Justin Herman

Junior High Pastor at Mariners Church
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