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Hello im Justin Herman, and Im the Junior High Pastor at Mariners Church in Irvine and I’m Hiring.

Are you looking for a great opportunity working on a team doing Junior High Ministry.  I am looking to hire great people as we build our team who work with our Junior High Students at the Irvine Campus in Southern California.

For you, does influence come naturally? When you walk into a room, no one wonders if you are a leader. Your confidence and convictions move you to motivate others and you LOVE MOTIVATING OTHERS.

You’re given latitude, you take it, you know what to do with it.  You’re driven, with experience thats ready to be leveraged in a new way.

I’m looking for leaders who lead leaders in all 4 of these positions. (Read Ephesians 4 and Exodus 18)

Here is a link to our church so you can read about what we are doing here at Mariners Church.

I am available to answer any questions you have about any of these roles, feel free to email with questions any time at


Operations Director- Full Time

Experience Director- Full Time

Serve Coordinator- Full Time

Worship Leader- Part Time

Check us out on Instagram @JuniorHighMinistry



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Justin Herman

Junior High Pastor at Mariners Church
Hi my name is Justin and this is my blog. I love Jr. High ministry and leadership so I talk about that a lot. I work at the church of my dreams getting to oversee all of Jr. High with a great team who are the best in the business. I'm married to the woman of my dreams, Brittany and we live in Southern California.

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