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Hello Parents,
We love camp in Jr.High. As staff and leaders we know how huge a moment camp can be for those who attend.  We have 5 days of worship, lessons and most of all cabin time where God changes lives.  God is always at work, but he tends to work in a unique way at camp.  We create time and space for God every day at camp for Him to do this.  Doug Fields has said that “camp is equivalent to a year of youth ministry” and in Jr. High we agree. check links .  The stories and relationships that come out of camp are talked about for months and even years sometimes after.  

Jr. High camp is where my life was changed and my walk with God became clear. My passion for following and serving God was lit at camp. It was not easy for me to go to camp though.   My mom was a single mom, and money was very tight. We were on welfare and she was attending school after being a stay at home mom since she got married 20 years earlier. I didnt even want to ask my mom to go but I did and my mom, being the best mom ever, made it happen. She did not let pride get in her way and set out to talk to my Jr. High Pastor, Tony. Pastor Tony was blessed and encouraged by our story. I will never forget his reaction. He put his hand on my mom’s shoulder and said, “Money is not a reason for a student not to go to camp.” I am sure there was more but that was all I heard. Those words have stuck with me all through my life. God used Pastor Tony to bless me and my mom that day and when God called me to ministry I knew I wanted to pastor students and families with the same heart as Pastor Tony.
My heart is for every student to go to camp and experience the closeness with God that the camp atmosphere creates. If your family is struggling to send your student to camp please talk to me about it, I will work with you. It is such a privilege for me to be your Jr. High Pastor. 

I am so blessed to know so many wonderful families here at Mariners Church and invest in you the way Pastor Tony invested in me. I look forward to hearing from you and creating life changing memories for your student as well.
Justin Herman

Jr. High Pastor

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Justin Herman

Junior High Pastor at Mariners Church
Hi my name is Justin and this is my blog. I love Jr. High ministry and leadership so I talk about that a lot. I work at the church of my dreams getting to oversee all of Jr. High with a great team who are the best in the business. I'm married to the woman of my dreams, Brittany and we live in Southern California.

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