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Hi Parents!

We are so excited to be bringing your students to camp in less than 2 weeks!! Fun always happens at camp, but that’s not why we do it. We go because transformation happens at camp. Students are able to get away from their normal routines without any distractions and in the process of that, God moves. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to invest in your students for a week at camp this summer to discover what it means to follow Jesus. We encourage them to still invite their friends as we do have space and would love to pack out the camp.

Here is all the information you need to know:
• Please arrive at Mariners Irvine Student Center at 4am on Monday, August 18th. Our goal is to do a speedy check in that gets students on the buses right away. Students are able and encouraged to sleep on the bus. Have them bring their pillows, and anything else they might need. We will be providing breakfast food and water. If they are wanting anything else, please have them bring snacks on the bus.
• Check-in will consist of labeled buses by campus and grade/gender (applies to Irvine). Please go to the tables in front of the appropriate bus for baggage drop, medication drop off, and health screening. Once your student is cleared, they will go onto that exact bus.
· Please bring $10 cash for dinner on the way home from camp (we will be collecting this so students do not spend this money at camp and is fed by the time they are picked up), any medications labeled in a plastic bag with your student’s name and the filled out description form (file attached), and any final payments for camp with you to check in.
· DO NOT BRING CELL PHONES, iPads or iTouches. Not like that we don’t like that stuff, we do, just not at camp. They will have no need for them, if they do sneak them in when a leader sees them they will be taken away. Help us make camp all that it can be.
· A health screening is required for every student before they get on the bus. If your student has a fever 24 hours before we depart to camp, please let us know.
• Please have your student bring $ with them for lunch on the way to camp in addition to the $30-$40 spending money that is suggested for camp gear and snacks. We will be stopping for lunch on the way up.
• A packing list is attached for your reference. We will be having two special dress up days (80’s Jazzercize & Western themed). Team colors are red/silver for girls (Team Barracuda) and orange/blue for boys (Team Hammerhead). Have them pack appropriately for these things. Hair paint and Body Pant is OK to bring, encourage them to go ALL OUT FOR THEIR TEAM!
• Students will be given cabin assignments when they get to camp. If you have any pressing needs, please contact Kristen beforehand regarding this.
• An emergency contact list will be handed to you at check-in with numbers you can call in case of an emergency.
Expected arrival back to Mariners Irvine Student Center on Friday, August 22nd is 8:00pm. We will be updating arrival times on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, so please check that. If you do not have access to them, feel free to text a number on the emergency contact list that you will receive at check-in.
• If you would like to send a letter to your student while at camp, you may do so at One of our volunteers will be printing them out at noon every day we are there.

**If you are utilizing the Payment Plan, all payments need to be in by August 17th. Please make your final payments between now and then by clicking HERE!**

Thank you for partnering with us in this way to allow your student to meet with Jesus on a deeper level. Camp plays a huge role in students’ lives and is often times a marking experience for them. We have been in prayer for them and the entire camp experience. Please be in prayer with us for God to do big things!

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Kristen or any of the campus leaders.
We are thrilled to be taking your student to camp!





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Wanna listen in?

Be sure to upload iTunes podcasts to your favorite listening device so you can hear what we are teaching your students at our weekend services. To listen in on the current teaching series at Mariners Church, JHM Irvine, click LINK TO PODCAST

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