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In student ministries we have a very simple and very important value to “TEACH STUDENTS TO HEAR GOD’S VOICE AND OBEY”.  That is the backbone of our discipleship efforts for the students that are IN OUR JHM MINISTRY.

We love opportunities for them to bring their friends.  We have our camps; special events like Sugarfest and of course our 3 weekend services.  In so many ways summer is made for our students to put in to practice all they have learned.  Reach out, be bold, live being Jesus’ hands and feet and bring your friends to experience what you have, a life changing hope that is only found in Jesus.

How we disciple our students, your kids, the ones whose students and families call Mariners Church their home is of the upmost importance to us.  I look at the life and teachings of Jesus he didn’t just share space with people, He shared life.  He created and modeled discipleship for us with his 12, and that is how we model at Mariners Church Jr. High, through moving students in to life groups.

I want to share 11 very Very VERY important facts that make a huge difference in the future of how JHM will be doing life groups.  Make note of all of them and email me (Justin) with any questions you have.

1.     Life Groups will have a hard cap this year, 8 students to every 1 leader.
2.     The Life Group year will be broken into 3 semesters, not continuous. (Dates coming soon)
3.     Life Group Signups will start Monday August 4th, sign ups will be online.
4.     Every Life Group semester will start with a Parent Night.
5.     There is a life group local retreat (at Mariners) this year Feb 13-14th 2015, the cost is $30 and you can pay for that when you register them for life groups.  More details will come but I would like you to put this down as a priority for your students who are signing up for life groups.
6.     Every student needs a bible.  If you would like to purchase one we have hand selected a great NIV student bible and you can pay for that when you register them for life groups.  If they already have one great, if not the one we are getting them will last them years.
7.     Cost for Life Groups this year will be between $50-60 for the entire year.  That cost includes all snacks and parties.  There will be scholarships available, no one will be left out due to money.
8.     September 16th is life Group Kick off with Parents at Mariners Church student center.
9.     All Life Groups will be on Tuesdays this year.
10. Each Semester will include a Group Serve that will be picked by the parents at the first parent night of the semester.
11. All groups will meet in Host Homes. Below is a rough list of what we look for in a host home based on experience.  If you are interested in hosting a Jr. High Life Group email Justin Herman with your address.
a.     Near a park or outdoor area
b.     Adequate space in home to meet.
c.      Space to leave medium sized leader bin in house.
d.     Pool or game room is a plus

There is no doubt that this year of life groups looks different from previous years, and the commitment level is real.  We have simple expectations for students, that they bring their bible and notebook weekly, and engage. That they commit to show up and since we are capping the groups the students who are there, we assume, they want to be there. So we would like for your family to make the meetings and the group serve a first priority, not last.
Life Groups are different from JHM on the weekend; it’s a place to go deeper in your faith and deeper in relationship with others.  I understand that things come up, we plan to have committed volunteers that will be present in your student’s lives and partner with you as parents weekly, so we would ask that you make life groups a priority, the more consistent the more the students will grow.  We only ask that everyone goes in to life groups knowing that the commitment is not only beneficial to you, but to the relationships your student will make with others.

Email me with any questions and I can’t wait to start this life group year.

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