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If you do your student ministries small groups in a home then chances are you have some kind of schedule to help keep your leaders on track with the parents, students and conversations.

Typical Small Group Schedule-MEETING OVERVIEW

Leaders arrive at Host Home – 6:30 P 

Welcome and Hellos – 7:00 P
-Make sure you are welcoming students and their parents. Ask them about school, sports, family, anything and everything.

Game or icebreaker
– This is a great time to hang out with your students and do something for all the students to get involved.  Go outside when you can, grab some board games, check out some of the great youth ministry sites to come up with some ideas that work for you and your group.


– Opening up in prayer is a great reminder to students that during the lesson it is time to focus on God and the study.

Bible Study and discussion time
– Should last between 20-30 minutes depending on group, there is a major difference in discussion time for the 6th grade boys and 8th grade girls so plan accordingly.

Prayer (Prayer Requests)

– There are a few ways to end in prayer: large group prayer, break students into groups to pray together, or after prayer requests pray for the person to the right.


– It is a great idea to end small group with snacks so students aren’t wired during group, just when they got home.

Good bye – 8:30P

– Stay strong to the 8:30p commitment for small group to be finished. Parents love when group ends on time.

If you have a parent who shows up late, address it immediately or they will assume they can be late all the time! Remember: YOU are always the LAST to leave!!


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