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1. each month

Spend time with at least one student on their turf! — football games, school lunch, FCA if they have it, band concerts, dance classes, underwater basket weaving, heading to the movies, whatever they do-do it with them!

Write a postcard to at least one student. We will make them for you, and we can mail it!

Send an email to your Small Group parents every month it can be short, but make it clear and informative.

2. during first semester

Friend your students on Facebook or Instagram as well as put their home and cell numbers and their emails in your phone contacts.

Meet the parents of every student in your group—either over coffee, sitting during a service in the Global Café, or at their house for dinner—anything! Feel free to split the list of parents with your co- leader.

Begin identifying key students in your group. These are the students who truly “lean in” on discussion, seek out advice and make the most of their time with the Small Group.

Have at least one Small Group party. (See pages 96-97 for ideas!)

Attend Small Group parent breakfast hosted at Mariners Church. Reach out to parents and invite them. We will give you all the material you need for this.

3. during second semester

Make sure you have plans to do some sort of group event outside of JHM this semester. Be sure to communicate this to the parents!

Attend JHM Family Worship Night with your students and their parents.

Be praying about continuing to lead this group of students for their next year in school.

Do a service project with your Small Group. Feel free to tag team with other Small Groups. JHM can help you find project if you need.

4. end of second semester

Double-check all of your students’ contact information, including cell numbers and emails (parents + students), a Facebook, twitter, instagram etc. This way you can continue to check in on students over the summer as well as help us connect with families as well.

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