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less pressure

You get to share the weight of the group with another person. You are not solely responsible for putting a Bible study together, planning events, contacting your students etc.

more creative

Two heads are always better than one! With a co-leader you have twice the amount of ideas, experiences, and resources.


If you are sick, or have something come up, the group does not need to be canceled. There is another leader that can take over, and small group goes uninterrupted.


By having another leader you are kept accountable to the calling you have to lead and mentor your group of students. You also have someone who “has your back” if a problem should arise with your students.


Different people connect with different types of students.


– You get to miss group whenever you want.
– Your co-leader does all the work, and you just show up. – You get to be the “good guy” while your co-leader does all the disciplining.
– You make all the decisions and your co-leader is just along for the ride.
– You get to show up every other week.

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Justin Herman

Junior High Pastor at Mariners Church
Hi my name is Justin and this is my blog. I love Jr. High ministry and leadership so I talk about that a lot. I work at the church of my dreams getting to oversee all of Jr. High with a great team who are the best in the business. I'm married to the woman of my dreams, Brittany and we live in Southern California.

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