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How small groups are different from weekends:  

Let’s start with what is the same.  Jr high has energy either place, they want fun at either place and a person to know them and a feeling of acceptance and belonging in both places.  There are a few difference if you do small groups separate from the weekends.

  1. Students are accountable to a group.  There are dedicated weekly leaders who will notice if you are gone.
  2. Students can connect with other students that are their age, grade, and gender on a more personal basis.
  3. Students can ask more questions relative to their current situation.  There is talking.  
  4. Students can build relationships with a volunteer who acts as their pastor, some one who is present and helps create a safe place for them to belong.
  5. Students build a more authentic relationship with Jesus through community.  Friends that want the best for you.
  6. Students can learn to navigate the Bible. This takes time and practice.  I am 30 and still figuring it out.
  7. Small groups provide the opportunity for students to be known by other students and their leader.
  8. Students can personalize their faith.  They see their leaders and they see the other students.
  9. Leaders connect with students on their turf.

10. Leaders connect with parents on a regular basis.

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