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In reflecting on our Winter Camp experience this weekend, I am FLOORED by the leadership exuded by our team of adult leaders. And the truth is, I don’t think you even know you exuded it. And that’s why we have the best leaders. You are naturals. But, that also means that we point out leadership when we see it, we celebrate it, and we learn from it.
At camp there was a great need, of which every leader rose to the occasion and there were four things I noticed:

1) Availability,

2) Flexibility,

3) Taking your own Initiative,

4) Love.

You were available to be used wherever you were needed, you were flexible to meet the needs of everyone at camp and not just your own cabin, you took your own initiative in caring for others and doing what you knew needed to be done without direction, and most of all, you loved every single student.

Great Leaders are available.
In our ministry there are specific needs. They may be stated, seen, or even heard through the grapevine, and with that information great leaders take a next step to meet those needs. They will ask “What can I do?”, “What do you need from me?”, “How can I help?” to make themselves available to meet those needs.

Great Leaders are flexible.
So often we get caught up in our plans, and believe it or not, this even happens in ministry. Great leaders remain flexible, so that they are able to meet needs when they arise. They are willing to go with Plan B or C when Plan A takes a hit and give it everything they’ve got.

Great Leaders take their own initiative when needed.
Sometimes things happen when information is not always given or delegated in the best way possible and fast decisions need to be made. Great leaders recognize immediate needs when they arise and put their own plan in place to meet those needs using their best discernment when information cannot be given.

Great Leaders love.
This one is by far the most important. Great leaders love people individually, no matter who they are. Love is displayed through taking a genuine interest in who they are, asking questions, and serving tangibly through letters of encouragement, listening, and making sure they have what they need. This is the way we will lead students to Christ.

Thank you Winter Camp Crew for putting these four things on display this weekend. May we all rise to the occasion with all we’ve got like you did, every time we are with students.

Kristen Carter
Director of Operations : Junior High Ministry
Mariners Church

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Justin Herman

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