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FINAL camp confirmation email
Thank you for signing your student up for JHM Winter Camp 2017! We can’t wait to see how God will use this weekend in their lives! Below is very important camp information that ALL parents need to read, complete and know. Thank you in advance for reading this important email and please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions!

First and foremost, we have a very important action item that every household needs to complete for their student(s). In order to ensure that every student is documented and cared for properly while at Thousand Pines, you will need to register your student through a Thousand Pines registration system in order for them to attend camp. This additional registration will benefit our staff, our EMT, the camp staff and their medical staff- and it will ensure we are all on the same page as we care for your children.

Every student must have this filled out by Thursday at 5pm- and the camp has told us there are no exceptions. Below is the link. You will need to: (1) Create a Login/Profile, (2) Follow All Registration Steps, and (3) Complete a Health Profile. Your student’s camp registration will not be accepted until all 3 of the above steps are completed.

Thousand Pines Registration Link

Important: Also, there is a fee involved that Mariners JHM will be covering. When you come to the payment page of the registration, you will need to enter the coupon code REGFEE, and that will take any associated fees off of your registration. If you do not do this, it will ask you to pay $5.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation! We apologize for this last minute requirement, as we know it may be an inconvenience. That said, it will be beneficial to your student and it must be filled out in order for them to attend camp. We are asking that you have it submitted no later than Thursday at 5pm.

Check In- What to Know!
Check-In: Opens at 12pm on Friday January 13th. Please do not be late!
Parking: Please park in the student center parking lot and do not park along the curb.
Luggage: Please put your students name on their luggage. Students will need to keep luggage, sleeping bag/pillow and personal items with them as they head through the check in process.
Things to be prepared for in advance:
· Medication: be prepared to turn in all medication after you check in; our EMT will be available to talk with anyone who has questions or concerns that morning.
· Cell Phones: be prepared to turn in student phones; we will return phones on the bus ride home when we are about 30 min away from Mariners for pick up.
· Final Payment: be prepared to make any final payments if your registration fee has not been paid in full. All payments need to be made prior to your student loading the bus. You can pay any remaining camp balance either online through your Mariners Account prior to Friday, or you can pay by cash or check on Friday morning at check in. If you have any questions about payments due or how to pay online in advance, please email Cheryl Ellis at
· Sweater: If you have purchased a sweater through registration, you may pick it up the morning of camp after you check in.

The Fun Stuff!
Packing List: What to bring!
· ONESIE!!!  Saturday is onesie day!
· Sleeping Bag and Pillow
· Bible, Journal and Pen
· Shower Towel
· Body Wash & Shampoo
· Hair Brush
· Toiletries
· Flashlight
· Casual Clothing for 4 days (clothes that are warm and you don’t mind getting dirty)
· Shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty
· A warm jacket or coat (there may or may not be snow!)
· Hat, water bottle, bug spray and chap stick
· $$ for gift shop or snack shack ($20-$40 is more than enough)

What NOT to bring (bringing any of these items will be brought to the attention of the staff and will result in the appropriate response if needed)
· Electronic devices of any kind
· Axe body spray/fabreeze/spray cans
· Pocket Knives or knives/weapons of any kind
· Shaving Cream
· Fireworks
· Lighters
· Duck tape
· Zip ties

About Thousand Pines Camp!
Address: 359 Thousand Pines Rd. Crestline, CA 92325
Phone Number: (909) 338-2705 (also the emergency number)
Weather Update Link: (type in the above zip code for the camp area forecast)

Just in Case!
Parents, we love you SOOOOO much and we are so thankful that you are trusting us with your kids this weekend! We also know that you may miss your kids and feel inclined to call and check in to see how your little one (or not so little one) is doing- but please, do not call unless there is an emergency. In case of an emergency, please call the main camp number listed above. That said, we will be posting all of the fun and meaningful moments to our instagram: juniorhighministry. Please follow us and stalk our weekend every step of the way! J Also, please text juniorhighparents to 99000 for JHM updates throughout the weekend! Thank you and see you Friday January 13th at 12pm sharp for check in!

Justin Herman

Junior High Pastor
Mariners Church

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