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6 things every parent should know about Mariners JHM.
Justin Herman
Jr. High Pastor, Mariners Church
We Are About Jesus – Every service our students can count on 3 things.
1. Student lead worship preparing hearts to receive God’s message.
2. Leaders and teachers with a heart for God and a strong understanding how to apply God’s word to Junior High Students.
3. Response time- after our message we take time to reflex what God is saying to us. Through worship, group prayer, prayer walls and sometime alone time. We give our students time to reflex on how God is speaking to them.
Sign Up For The Parent Email
We are a team and we love our parents! To better partner with us I encourage you to get on the “Parent Email”. You will receive an email every Thursday afternoon with past stories and upcoming information. You can forward to friends and family with links to our website and our podcast. Be informed and sign up today.
New “Check In” Process
Your child will check themselves in this year. This is a big change for you and your child. We suggest talking with them before you separate and make a plan to where they can meet you after service. Some kids like to hang out at the Student Center and parents meet them there. Some meet at the café or worship center. We do encourage you to walk in with your child for the first couple of weeks until they get comfortable with the new surroundings and staff. Our staff will be there to help with the process. We are excited to have them!
Do Not Try To Do It All
We know that life is busy and that your child will not make all events. Please prioritize. Weekend services are a must. We have 3 services to choose from 1 Saturday evening and 2 Sunday morning. Worship, teaching and friendships are formed in our services. After Sunday service there are service projects, small groups, and student leadership. We encourage you to find one of these areas that will best fit your child and help them grow spiritually. We will be happy to give you more information about these opportunities. Our ministry also has many ideas and events we can recommend for families to grow closer to Jesus together.
You Are Always Welcome
We have an open door. Please, as parents join us in our services we would love to have you. Stop by for one of our services or become one of our leaders. Contact me at any time. You know your student best and you hear the feedback from our services. You are a big part of my vision for the future of JHM and I welcome your comments. I am easy to get a hold of either by email or phone. I am available to pray with you or just talk about your student any time. I love getting to know our families and do make time to have lunches and dinners with families. My schedule gets tight so I cant always fit everyone in. So every month we have a coffee with the pastor time that any parent can swing by and meet with me, info for that in on our website.
What We Teach
Our church leaders meet each week to discuss what the message will be for the week. My team and I then meet to pray, go over scripture and put together a message that Jr High students can understand and apply to their lives. Our hope is that this will create great family discussions and that you will grow in your faith together as a family.

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